Volume 20, Number 116,
August/September 2017

Fairy Dust
Inspired by the movie “Into the Woods”, 2014
by Gerry Mooney

Do you remember
when you were young
and believed in fairy tales,
gobbled them up
like multi-coloured jelly beans
from the corner confectionery?

Do you recall when a handsome prince
rescued Cinderella from the ashes,
freed Rapunzel from the tower;
when a huntsman pulled Red and her grandma
from the wolf’s belly;
when a courageous Jack felled the beanstalk,
killing a vindictive giant?

Did you believe
that your Prince Charming
would gallop into the woods,
overcome a witch, a wolf,
a wicked stepmother,
and whisk you away to a castle
where you would
live a charmed life?

Did Time shake up your fantasies,
tarnish the smile of your prince,
crumble the stones of your castle
and force you into the forest
to fend off your foes,
reconstruct ideals,
realign relationships?

As you read bedtime stories
to your children, grandchildren,
do they believe the fairy tales?
Do they gobble them up
like multi-coloured jelly beans?