Volume 21, Number 121,

How Many Ups Can There Be
by Glenn Lloyd

There are ups for everything like mix and right
Like back up, stand up or turn up the light
You can walk up, crawl up or get up at night
Jump up, stay up or fix up your bike

You can roll up, pump up or climb up a pole
Show up, slow up or use up your dole
The list goes on there’s no need to give up
Cause there’s clean up, make up or finish up your sup

Then we can put up, work up or whip up a pie
Shut up, fill up or straighten up your tie
To be brought up and grow up are all part of life
But you smarten up and clean up when you get a wife

We get up, sit up, meet up and tie up
And things can crash up, dry up, or seize up
You wake up or get up with a bit of a moan
Or break up a fight or pick up the phone

It can be used to finish a thought
Like stop up, pop up or blow up a spot
There is also slip, shot or drop up is fine
Walk up or talk up a favourite of mine

It’s often used before and after
Like end up or up end could cause laughter
Throw up may happen if you are abused
And up lift or lift up could not be refused

Straight up and up straight are quite often seen
Close up and up close are fairly routine
If you fill up the net then up goes the score
When fed up then up goes a finger and they say up your

You can do the same with right, set or start
And up hold or hold up may not be too smart
You now know how important that word is today
Especially when a voice says up, up and away