Volume 22, Number 126,

Canada for All
by Christine Graham

You know me
I am for peace, bravery, justice and freedom for all
You know me
I am over a century old but my dreams and visions are still young
I stand tall
High above, at the crown of the earth
As the eagles fly, my strength is renewed
There is a rebirth
My people tell their story and together we are one
From all walks of life under the blazing summer sun
You know me
As autumn turns to shed its leaves
And winter makes you shiver to your knees
You always knew me
That cold water and air has protected my polar bear
In the spring time, the flower buds drop a tear
Opening my heart to all those who draw near
Ignite the flame
Carry my flag proudly to honour my name
May it reach from coast to coast
And touch all the way to the ends of the earth
To meet those who loves it most
Let the trumpet of your voice be heard
From the Rocky Mountains to the icy tundra of the north
Sound your drums in the east to teach those who come to wonder in its vast
For all that are here searching for a brighter day
Letting go of their past
The bravery of my people who fight for freedom
Will bring peace to those that needs some
I am Canada
Canada for all
You know me