Volume 22, Number 127,

It’s Your Future
by Anieca Lloyd

Dear future generations
I must warn you of the temptations
To burn the trees and let the oil flow
Mine the minerals and let the smoke stacks blow

An easy life comes with consequences
You’ll want to build a wall and guard it with fences
For the damage you will create will be deadly
A concoction of chemicals in the sky forming a medley

The smog will thicken and suffocate the sun
By this part the damage is too far done
The water will deplete and dry the dirt
This will cause all life to suffer and hurt

We’re learning the hard way from all of the bad things we’ve done
Pollution has taken over but not yet won
We have to work hard and be tough
But the real question is will it be enough

But What Do I Know
by Anieca Lloyd

My whole life I’ve been told to mind my mouth, be respectful and do what I’m told
Trust the free world’s leaders and wear a blindfold
To the world’s slavery, poverty and disease
While politicians bathe in gold and have a life of ease

That I’m just a kid and I don’t know what I’m saying
But people are dying because of the pesticides they have been spraying
Build a dam, flood the land, hold their money and wish
While they create methylmercury, which poisons the fish

They say that the future needs to be green
But how is mining oil and dumping in landfills clean
It’s only common sense to see right from wrong
But if we continue this path seeing the end won’t be very long

These problems can be solved if we really want them to be
We can help our people, clean the air, and save each bee
So, come up with some ideas and start using your lid
But what do I know, I’m just a kid