Volume 23, Number 131,

Someday... and Summer Days
by Stella Mazur Preda


On the shore of the river I sit -
Let dreams flow erratically
like waters churning below

Someday ...
I will become an artist
capture vibrant landscapes
with passionate brush strokes

Someday ...
a pianist, fingers
dance across the keyboard
like waters rushing over the rocks

Someday ...
I will be a young mother
cuddling my newborn son -
he gurgles happily
like the waters in the creek

Someday ...
an eloquent writer
pictorial words music to my ears
like the gushing river waters below

On the shore of the river I sit -
attempt to seize a dream
from wildly swirling river waters



turquoise lake waters
give birth to brilliant sun
an artist’s dream ...
a picturesque backdrop

the lake now her stage
she commands attention
sleek, graceful sails
taut against summer breezes

winds grow stronger
the Gypsy Rose gathers speed
manoeuvres choppy lake waters
explores coves and inlets

soon sun dips low
the perfect day draws to a close ...
Gypsy Rose smoothly berths
sails furled beneath star-lit skies