Volume 24, Number 138,

Three Poems
by Stella Mazur Preda

The Coven

a hallowed sanctum in a secluded wood
a gathering of the poets’ coven
incantations of poetics herald
the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox
we rejoice in the celestial changes
taste fruits of the autumn harvest
elicit pleasures of the Muse
with offerings of literary delights
a Hunter’s Moon will soon follow
define halcyon days of Indian summer
an unrelenting euphoria too soon
obliterated by the winter solstice

Flavours Of Autumn

Phantom Harvest Moon lurks over the horizon.
Breath of early frost wakes the morning.
Sunflowers bow heads in reverence.
Where cucumbers and beans had blanketed fields,
pumpkins wink mischievously beneath the vines.
Corn stalks, once heavily weighted,
now replenish the sustaining earth.
Fall winds tumble through branches - shower
Mother Earth with jewels of red, orange and gold;
invoke the deities to accept these gifts,
and surrender to the Autumnal Equinox.

Vulture Sighting

I slow the car -
a turkey vulture tribal council
lost in voracious appetites and road kill

the group of seven disbands
as the car slinks the deserted road
become sentinels patrolling
from the safety of the skies
my car rolls on and passes

In the rear-view mirror -
council swoops in descent
returns to the table