Editorial Guidelines 2004

CANADIAN STORIES accepts stories, poems and limericks about people, places and things in Canada, past or present.

If you write limericks please remember to include a Canadian place or involve a Canadian in the situation described.

We are pleased to include in each issue of CANADIAN STORIES the contributions from many different writers with different styles, skills and topics.

I conclude with a quote from Susanna (Voth) Wiebe:

"There are as many different writers in this world as there are different readers".

The content of CANADIAN STORIES is expected to be mostly original and Canadian true stories, memoirs, poems, limericks, songs, cartoons, line art, anecdotes, folk stories, family legends, and travel experiences. Also fiction is accepted if set in a Canadian context. However fiction is not to be the major content of the magazine.

We expect first rights to publish but the ownership of original material remains with the author. Small excerpts may be used to advertise the magazine and/or serve as examples on the internet. Submissions may vary in length, but since readers say they read short stories first, the chance of being published soon is better for shorter submissions. Long chronicles may be serialized with the author's permission. The publisher does not pay for submissions.

The editor may suggest changes, alterations and/or corrections in the manuscript. Some stories are in need of shortening. Major changes will not be made without the author's consent. Editing is free of charge. All decisions remain with the editor.

Some topics are not suitable for CANADIAN STORIES. For example: no politics, no sexual topics, no sexism or sexual discrimination, no violence, no aggressive behavior, hate or exploitation, and finally no sermonizing about any topic. World events if brought into a story are acceptable but not global politics. Food recipes may be incorporated into a story but are not suitable by themselves. Uncouth language is not acceptable. If in doubt please send a copy of the manuscript with a cover letter. All manuscripts will be returned. Contributions from "young writers" (10-19 years of age) are welcome. The preferred form of submission is 1.5 spacing using a clear font suitable for scanning; e.g. #12 Times New Roman. Short submissions can also be sent by internet but attachments are not accepted (because of bad experiences with virus infestation). However other forms of communication will be considered (some of the most interesting stories have arrived in personal handwritten form!).

All writers are strongly encouraged to subscribe to CANADIAN STORIES to see what other writers are writing and thinking. An active Letters section is included in the magazine. In addition, writers who subscribe receive a CHAT PAGE newsletter free of charge filled with opinions and comments only from CANADIAN STORIES writers.

Young Author’s

Contributions from “young writers” (10-19 years of age) are welcome. All Submission Guidelines as stated above apply.

Send Submissions

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Ed Janzen, Editor and Publisher
c/o CANADIAN STORIES, PO BOX 232, Fergus, Ontario  N1M 2W8  Canada

By E-mail
NOTE: Short text submissions can be sent by email as part of the email message, but attachments are not accepted. Other forms of communication will be considered (some of the most interesting stories have arrived in personal handwritten form!).
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