Volume 24, Number 141,

2 Poems: Trading Places and Hemingway’s Hideaway
by Stella Mazur Preda

Trading Places
(Mississauga to Flamborough)

driven by the desire to appropriate
you reel in a realtor ripened by experience
decisions discussed and duly noted
MLS - listings extensively explored
mortgages, taxes, interest rates
the more you learn, the less you know
mindless confusion, harrowing headaches
view the residences
views from balconies
two bedrooms or three?
appliances included?
extraordinary extras
choices made, alternatives eliminated
in the final analysis a sensational selection
the pending offer neatly negotiated
anxiety and anticipation
an act of providence ... purchase
signed and sealed, activities suddenly cease

You are now a homeowner!!

Hemingway's Hideaway

Massive mahogany pillars married
by reaching crossbars,
intricate carvings born of a master’s hands.
Copper-coloured hues bask in mid-day sun
I press against the burnished warmth, fingers
tenderly trace stories carved.
Beyond the façade, bougainvilleas perfume
Like a rare pearl cradled in an oyster
the elusive villa languishes in luscious vegetation.
Mahogany portals bar entry to Finca Vigia,
Hemingway’s Cuban retreat,
keeper of a writer’s hopes and illusions.
Witness to his tortuous existence,
this talisman stands locked in time.